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Trader Platform

Currently I’m developing a platform to rebalance my cryptocurrency portfolio by automatically executing trades on an exchange using an API. It’s a private service developed as an open source WordPress plugin: https://github.com/bvandevliet/trader-plugin and https://trader.bvandevliet.nl/disclaimer/

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Link Finder

Link Finder is another WordPress plugin I made that can find and fix broken links throughout your WordPress website. No more dead links. Speed up your website by avoiding redirects and improve your search engine ranking. This plugin was available in my Essentials plugin as a module, but I thought this specific tool should be … Read more

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Essentials is my very own WordPress plugin that adds essential functionalities to your WordPress installation. WordPress is a great CMS! But, in my opinion, it lacks a small number of essential functionalities. Of course, separate plugins can be found for that, but they often do much more than necessary and, partly as a result, may … Read more