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Trader Platform

Currently I’m developing a platform to rebalance my cryptocurrency portfolio by automatically executing trades on an exchange using an API. It’s a private service developed as an open source WordPress plugin: https://github.com/bvandevliet/trader-plugin and https://trader.bvandevliet.nl/disclaimer/

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Design of the website for Moonshine, the Drum and Bass event of Arnhem which I started with Oscar, a friend of mine. The website is still in development, but is currently also on hold. When clear follow-up steps have been settled, I will proceed developing.

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The required maintenance, cleaning, debugging and updating of existing WordPress website of Frisse Energie. Later on I created a complete brand new WordPress website. This was necessary to drastically improve overview, security and speed, as well as SEO performance and a good opportunity to revise the content.

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Dynamic “from scratch” website for DJ live streams, no longer operational due to the rise of another event I started “Moonshine”, but I do have a “demo” copy online for portfolio purposes.